I'm Bruce Clevenger and I've worked for OSU Extension, Defiance County since 1994.  Defiance County has 263,168 acres with 79% (209,000 acres) used for Agriculture.  Crop production is our major farm cash receipt with soybeans and corn generating 69% of the total cash receipts.  I invite you to contact me with questions.

Who was the County Ag Agent in 1918, 1960, or 1990?   Answer.

The Ag and Food Economic Sector

#1 employer in Defiance County and #2 contributor to the Gross County Product.  It's a $287 Million Industry.


Regional Corn Production

What is the potential corn supply in the Defiance Region for Ethanol Production?  A 50-mile radius from Defiance could yield nearly 182 Million bushels annually. Click to see details.


Agricultural Facts about Defiance County, OH

Crop Acres 2021 County Yields 5-Year Ave (2021)
Corn 48,000 190.2 bu/a 156.7
Soybeans 101,600 50.1 bu/a 47.5


89.8 bu/a 61.9


  Number (head)
Beef Cattle (12/21) 10,200
Milk Cows (12/21) 4,500


2021 Cash Receipts from Marketing
of Farm Commodities

Corn $30,683,640
Soybean $45,577,260
Wheat $3,825,375
Total Crops $80,086,275


Download an MS Excel spreadsheet containing Ag Statistics data from 1987-2009.