Farm Business Analysis
Ohio Farm Business Analysis and Benchmarking Program

What makes a farm business successful? Is it record-breaking yields, the highest producing cows, or using the most up-to-date technology?  The real key to operating a successful farm business is knowing where you stand financially. Farm business analysis is a tool that can be applied to any farm, regardless of size, crop, or livestock enterprises.
OSU Extension can help interpret the numbers behind your profits and losses, and show you how to improve your business decisions based on your farm’s analysis.  To complete your analysis, we start with your beginning and ending balance sheets from the most recent business year.  To fill in the year between the balance sheets, all purchases, sales, and enterprise information are used to create an Income Statement.

•    What is in it for you?
•    Whole Farm Analysis
•    Personalized Benchmark Reports
•     Annual Summaries
•     Enterprise Analysis
•    Cost of Production per acre, bushel, ton, head, cwt
•    Machinery Cost per Acre

A Farm Business Analysis Technician is located at the Defiance County Extension office and will work with any farm in the region.  Contact us today to get started!  Call 419-782-4771.  
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This work is supported by the “Growing profit and risk management potential for Ohio and NY crop and livestock farms by expanding access to farm business analysis and benchmarking programs and resources” (GRT00047395) Grant from the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture.