March 29, 2019 - 9:24am --

The purpose of the Defiance County Agriculture Hall of Fame is to recognize outstanding contributions by an individual or husband/wife to agriculture.  2019 recipients are Milo A. Crockett, James F. Joost, and Ted Pohlmann.

Milo A. Crockett
Farmer:   Defiance County, Ohio
Born:  11-25-1932
Spouse:   Donna Crockett

Mr. Crocket was born in 1932 and grew up helping the family with a wide variety of crops and livestock near Ayersville, OH.  He was born in the home where he lives today and the farm grew corn, corn silage, soybeans, wheat,  sugar beets, hogs and Black Angus. While an FFA student at Ayersville High School, Mr. Crockett earned his State FFA Degree and in fact it was the first State FFA Degree earned and awarded to a member of the Ayersville FFA Chapter. He  graduated from Ayersville High School in 1950 and later married Donna and they raised two children, Larry and Peg.

Mr. Crockett worked at the Defiance General Motors Powertrain plant for 30 years as a foundry clerk, in which he was responsible for a wide range of inventories. Milo worked the off-farm job 3rd shift to make it possible to farm during the days and evenings.

Milo is a long time member of the Defiance County Farm Bureau.  He was  active for 50 years in the Ridgerunners Farm Bureau council, which met  monthly to discuss issues and topics that were important to the grass-roots farm community and then elevated those issues to the county and state level. 

Mr. Crockett served on the Board of Directors of the Ayersville Telephone Company for 20 years from 1995 to 2015.  His tenure on the Board saw rapid expansion of cable and internet service for the rural Ayersville area. Mr. Crockett has served the Ayersville Education Foundation and is proud to have supported the Academic Scholarship for two high school students each year.  He also served his township on the zoning board with the goal of having standard land and building development.  He is a member of St. Paul’s United Methodist Church where he has served as trustee completing several work projects for the congregation.  Additionally, he served 16 years on the Board of Directors of the Standley Elevator.  Serving in that leadership role, the elevator saw advancements in crop protection and nutrient management technology, established grain condos and improvements in grain handling speed that benefited all area farmers unloading grain at harvest.

Milo is known by local farmers as taking great pride in the neatness of his farm.  Milo has always been willing to learn new things about farming.  His nominator shared that “weeds fear him.”  Milo has walked miles and miles to hoe weeds out of his fields that were missed or survived a herbicide.


James F. Joost
Farmer & Ag Business:  Defiance County, Ohio
Born:  07-29-1954
Deceased:  12-11-2005
Spouse:  Brenda (Joost) Penner

Mr. Joost was born and raised on a Mark Township farm in Defiance County where the family raised grain, chickens and hogs.  He started farming in 1970 as a sophomore in high school with his dad Lorenz all while being an active member and leader in the local church youth group.  He graduated from     Fairview High School in 1972 and everyone knew early on that farming was  an important part of his future.  Jim married Brenda in 1972 and they had four     children Jamie, Jim Jr., Ross and Bo.  Jim passed away unexpectedly in 2005 and is being honored for the profound impact he had on people and the farming community.

Jim started serving the Defiance County area by selling Rupp seeds from 1983 to 1987.  He then became a Pioneer Hi-Bred Seed Representative in 1987. The seed business started in the west chicken coop with Jim saying “we’ll grow the seed business slowly,” but in reality, Jim’s product and service made sure it was one of the fastest growing seed dealers for Pioneer.  Jim was awarded  multiple distinctions from Pioneer for growth and retention milestones in sales and service.  In  2001, Jim then merged his farm with a friend/neighbor’s farm operation to create Spatial Ag Systems.

Jim was very passionate about bringing new ideas and practices to farmers in Defiance County to help growers increase profitability.  He was one of the first farmers to practice vertical tillage, adopted the use of yield monitors, and helped growers process yield monitor data to create management zones in fields to maximize each acre’s net profit.  Jim also initiated soybean seed treatment for the seed customers to help in adverse soil and weather conditions.

In 1993, Jim was a founding member of a local peer-to-peer farmer group that met weekly at 6 am year-round.  Members would bring topics and questions to learn from each other in a quick and structured format.  They would connect with experts around Ohio and the Midwest to improve local production and farm profits.

Jim served on St. John Lutheran Church in Sherwood, Financial Board.  He was a member of the Fairview Young Farmers and the FFA.  He coached little league football for 5 years and was a baseball coach for many years too.  Jim took his passion of farming and the seed business and translated it into coaching youth to learn more, do more, and get better.


Ted T. Pohlmann
Farmer:  Defiance County, Ohio
Born:  04-12-1947
Spouse:  Carol Pohlmann

Mr. Pohlmann is a commercial grain farmer that operates in Tiffin and   Adams Townships in Defiance County, and Springfield Township in Williams County.  He started farming after high school with his family and attended The Ohio State University, earning a Bachelor’s of Science in  Agricultural Economics.  In 1967, he married Carol and they raised four children.

Mr. Pohlmann is currently involved with his son in a cash grain operation raising corn, soybeans, and wheat.  He actively uses conservation practices such as surface and subsurface tile drainage, drainage control structures, cover crops, no-till and conservation tillage, filter strips, established wildlife areas, and forest management.  Mr. Pohlmann has helped with OSU field research by setting up five Defiance County sites for a three-year project, collected runoff samples and data to establish funding for conservation practices.

He served on the Jewell Grain Company Board of Directors for 11 years in leadership as secretary and president.  He served on the Advisory Board for the 1st National Bank of NW Ohio and later Sky Bank.  He also served on the Board of Directors for the Defiance Agricultural Research Association and is a former employee of the Defiance Soil and Water Conservation  District.  He served on the Board of Trustees for the Defiance County Farm Bureau and as an Advisory Council Member.  Mr. Pohlmann was awarded the Outstanding NW Ohio Young Farmer of the year and named Ohio Young Farmer of the Year in 1979.  Mr. Pohlmann was also honored with the Goodyear Conservation Farmer of the year by the Defiance Soil and Water Conservation District in 1979.

Ted is an active supporter of 4-H and FFA and the Defiance County Fair.  He is active with the St. John Lutheran Church & School in Defiance and has served on numerous boards.  He has also been co-chairman for Defiance County Commissioner elections.  Mr. Pohlmann served his country in the U.S. Army National Guard and earned the rank of Staff Sgt., assigned to the 323 Military Police Company for six years. 

Ted has a strong work ethic and is dedicated to his faith, family and occupation.  Ted is proud of his career, family, friends, farmstead, equipment and operation and realizes many other people helped make it all possible.